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Congratulations! We obtained the permit No. for our scratch Globe

Time: 2024-06-12  Source:   Author: Iris Liu

Congratulations! Our Scratch Globe got the permit No.GS陕(2024) 107号

In May, Our new scratch Globe successfully obtained the national certification number from the Ministry of Natural Resources of the People's Republic of China.  That means that our this Globe are accurate and standardized, can be smoothly exported from China!

Are you ready to own our new globe? Let me introduce how to introduce our globe for you,

The Scratch Globe is a creative and interactive way to track your travels around the world. It's typically a globe-shaped map coated in a layer of gold foil that can be scratched off to reveal the countries you've visited. Each time you visit a new country, you scratch off the foil covering that area, unveiling a colorful and detailed map underneath. It's a fun and visual way to document your adventures and showcase where you've been. 



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