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Rimemo Culture

Rimemo is committed to designing and manufacturing multifunctional memo boards, maps & globes for people to cognize the world, interact with each other.

Our Mission

Nowadays, humans emphasize social media and ignore interpersonal communication. Our memo boards are designed to enhance interaction with other people. The multifunction and cognition features of our products help people to spend more time on the interaction between humans and nature. Such as the maps, globes and constellation items which we developed since 2015, by using the function of scratching off and coloring on products, now we have achieved a huge collection of multiple materials to create a new experience for people to cognize the world and interact with each other.

Interactive & Cognitive Maps & Globes

Scratch world map poster: Use scratch off world map poster to decorate your wall. Keep track of all your travels with scratch world map posters and share happy moments with your family.

Interactive & Cognitive Maps & Globes
Cork world map

Cork world map:

We always think when we can go through every inch of land on the map. Now we understand that the world is too big, we are very happy when we arrive at a new place. Pin the travel moments on the board, it is a very interesting thing.

Cork globe:

When you go to a place, you stick a red pin in it to indicate "I AM HERE". Is there a sense of accomplishment of mission accomplished? You can put it on your desk or your bookshelf, even on the floor, and share it with your family. Use the colored pins to show the place you have visited or you want to go.

Cork globe

Word search:

Check off the different types of wines you have tried by coloring in the words as-you-go. An enjoyable way to log the different varieties of wines you have personally tasted and physically see what you have left on your wine bucket list. Included are 50 of the most common wines around the world to inspire or challenge you to try something outside of your go-to wine.

Word search

Star map poster

Star map poster:

Tell the origin of each star to your child and encourage them to discover the constellations and outer space.

Paris poster

Paris poster:

Discover Paris while coloring a giant map featuring well known buildings, landscapes, people and much more. Kids can express their creativity alone or with friends, and use the poster as a wallpaper or just for pure coloring fun. The possibilities are endless.

Scratch US national parks:

At the end of 2019, the newest park, White Sands, was included in American National Parks, total 62 ones. You could track your National Park visits by scratching off the gold foil.

Scratch US national parks
Coloring puzzle

Coloring puzzle:

This puzzle can cultivate children's manual brain abilities as well as children's cognitive ability of color. Parents and children complete together and color it to promote parent-child communication.

Creative & Multifunctional Memo Boards

From the above introductions you could understand that our interactive memo boards are not only aesthetic, but also practical. Use multiple materials to show multifunction. For the raw materials, we have wood, MDF, tempered glass, cork, paper, iron, stainless steel, felt, EVA foam and flat rubber magnet. We used these materials to produce thousands of memo boards. These products can be used in different places, such as the listed usages below:

Stainless steel memo board and magnetic flat rubber in the kitchen

Stainless steel memo board and magnetic flat rubber in the kitchen

Jewelry organizer in the entrance hall

Jewelry organizer in the entrance hall

Magnetic glass board to decorate bedroom

Magnetic glass board to decorate bedroom.

The below picture is a perfect example to show the multi-materials and multi-function of our product.

The below picture is a perfect example to show the multi-materials and multi-function of our product Rimemo always uses environmentally friendly raw materials. We used cork, glass, iron and stainless steel materials that are all recyclable. We are priority to source wooden materials which have FSC certificates.

Precise Operating Process

Rimemo has a professional team to operate client orders. We have 5 teams to follow up orders, which are the sales department, operating department, testing department, quality control department and shipping department. 50% of employees have more than seven years of working experience in Shaanxi Decor, and 80% of employees are working here for over 3 years. Each team will take its own responsibility during the process of production. For example, our quality control department will carry out 10% and 50% inspection during the production time to ensure the product is of good quality. The testing department will randomly select production samples to send to third party inspection companies to make the test the product comply with requirements from export countries. During the shipment, the shipping department will strictly check the document to make sure of correctness. For clients, we will reply within 24 hours to ensure no delay in mutual communication.

In order to improve management, Rimemo has applied for and obtained the ISO9001 Quality Management System Certification, ISO14000 Environment Management System Certification, and ISO45001 (OHSAS18000) Occupational Health and Safety Management System Certification.

Precise Operating Process

Strict Quality Control

Refer to our products, we will randomly send them to third party inspection companies to take the test, in order that our product can comply with testing requirements in the market. For example, owing to new requirements on plastic from Europe, we try to use a new packing method instead of a plastic package, such as we used a white box instead of a PVC box.
For each product, we will take the test many times before we show them to clients. And we must ensure our product complies with export country requirements. Such as, REACH requirement from European clients and CALIFORNIA PROPOSITION 65 from the United States. Owing to a wide range of materials, we will send them to SGS inspection company or ITS inspection company to take the test. After the shipment, we will remind clients when the goods will arrive at our destination. For special time, we will apply to the forwarder for a longer free storage period. After clients receive goods, we will contact the client to know if they are satisfied with our product quality and how about the selling of the product.
To comply with client requirements, we will take the test according to export country standard. For the product, our quality department will inspect the goods according to AQL 4.0 and issue inspection reports for each order. To help clients know more about our product, we will provide video to show the production process for their reference.

 Respect Intellectual Property

Respect Intellectual Property

To protect our products and clients, Rimemo always pays attention to protecting our intellectual property rights. Now we have 7 patents in the EU, 6 patents in China and 35 copyrights. We always respect clients’ designs and protect their benefits. We guarantee never to show or sell clients’ designs to any thirty party without their permission.
From 2018, the Chinese government implemented a new requirement on the map product. Each product which has map printing must be correct and get a permit number from the Ministry of Natural Resources, otherwise the goods would not be allowed to export. To ensure the correct projection of each item, we cooperated with relevant organizations to work on every design to make sure all our products could pass the map audit by authority. Up to now, we have obtained more than 60 national serial numbers which are essential for exporting maps and globes in China. Therefore, it would be correct and safe to purchase these kinds of products from Rimemo.

In a word, Rimemo is a professional company who produces qualified, stable products and provides high-quality services. We hope our products will keep selling well in the market and our cooperation with all the valued clients will keep improving constantly.

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