• Coloring Sheets Placemat
  • Coloring Sheets Placemat
  • Coloring Sheets Placemat
  • Coloring Sheets Placemat
  • Coloring Sheets Placemat
  • Coloring Sheets Placemat

Coloring Sheets Placemat

Reusable and washable, this coloring sheet placemat supplies kids a set of creative painting chalkboards by using chalks at home or on the go, at a cheap price and made by Rimemo, a placemat manufacturer from China.

ITEM#: PC271

Product Dimensions: 43.2x30.5 cm

Color: Black / White

Product Weight: 0.281 kgs

Quantity/Carton: 24 pcs

Carton Measurement: 45.5x33x14.5 cm

Carton Weight: 7.30 kgs

FOB Port: Shanghai, China


- The coloring sheets placemat uses PP raw materials which are easy to clean, durable and reusable.

- High-quality raw material with UV coloring printing makes our placemat for the kitchen table longer.

- This chalkboard coloring placemat comes with Happy Birthday, Ocean, Farm and Blank coloring mats plus 4 color chalks.

- These coloring sheets placemat can work with dry erase crayons, chalks and chalk ink markers.

- It is very easy to wipe clean chalkboard coloring placemat with a damp cloth.

- Teach your kids coloring with four removable, washable chalkboard placemat.

- Use it as a chalk board to study and learn coloring with Farm and Ocean design placemat.

- It entertains your kids while cooking dinner. No one can tear chalkboard placemat as they are made of heavy materials. It is multifunctional!

- The washable, reusable coloring sheets placemat in blank design is a great product to study letters, numbers, coloring and writing.

- Use coloring placemat at dinner parties, travel and home for friends.


Rimemo always integrates our value into our products: a variety of materials, multifunctional, interactive, cognitive, competitive environmental protection. The variety of materials is our advantage, including wood, MDF, tempered glass, cork, paper, iron, plastic, silocon, stainless steel, felt, EVA foam and flat rubber magnet and so on. Multifunctional is the direction of new product development. We apply various materials into one product to create beautiful and practical products.

It is very important to try different materials to find the most competitive way of production. The cheaper cost we could endeavor, the better market our products could achieve.

The coloring sheet placemat is a fun item which combines placemat, coloring and chalkboard as one item:

- In order to make sure our products are safe and environmentally friendly, Rimemo sends not only raw materials, but also final products to be tested by ITS or SGS every year for PAHS, PHTHALATES, EN71 or CPSIA testing.

- The surface printing of coloring patterns is always beautiful, interesting and fashionable since the designing group of

Rimemo always keeps our product creative and fun to enable brilliant connections between people and nature.

- The washable and reusable placemate are matt surface which could be coloring on by chalks and whipped off by damp cloth without leaving any residue. They are really great for home, picnic, parties and any children's activities.

Other printings and sizes are available and customized designs are welcome. Please contact our sales for details.

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