• Paris Coloring Poster
  • Paris Coloring Poster
  • Paris Coloring Poster

Paris Coloring Poster

Creative and cognitive, this giant Paris coloring poster is a fun-filled coloring craft activity for all occasions and all ages to discover and color Paris, made by Rimemo, a poster manufacturer from China.

ITEM#: PC548

Product Dimensions: 100x70 cm

Color: White / Black

Product Weight: 0.134 kgs

Quantity/Carton: 48 pcs

Carton Measurement: 24x33x41 cm

Carton Weight: 7.00 kgs

FOB Port: Shanghai, China


- The Paris coloring poster used environmental-friendly paper raw materials with clean and beautiful printing.

- It works well with color pencils, gel pens, color markers and crayons.

- The giant Paris coloring poster includes the Eiffel tower, the arc DE trim, the Senine,place DE la concorde and more.

- The coloring paper gives kids an opportunity to express themselves creatively.

- It can be stuck on the wall or put on the ground while children play. A great option is to have children do something together and to get to know each other.

- It is also a fun product to do together with the whole family. They are perfect for home entertainment, rainy days, children's parties, holidays and playtime.

- It will be a decorative giant poster in a child's room after it is painted. A handmade product for the child to be proud of.

- From 3 to 99 years old.


Nowadays, people emphasize social media and ignore interpersonal communication. Rimemo is devoting products to developing to enhance people's communications & stimulate people and natural interactions.

This Paris coloring poster helps kids to discover Paris while coloring giant maps featuring well known buildings, landscapes, people and much more.

Kids can express their creativity alone or with friends, and use the poster as a wallpaper or just for pure coloring fun. The possibilities are endless.

Rimemo has four groups in our product designing: marketing, designing, drawing and sampling who are full of innate artistic ability, sensitivity to fashion trends and rich experience on product development.

Our designers work together with a marketing group to develop fashion and fun patterns for all the coloring products for children and adults. Then our graphic designer and illustrator will turn these patterns into final printing artwork. With product development twice a year, Rimemo always keeps our product creative and fun to enable brilliant connections between people and nature.

Different patterns and different sizes are available upon request. Customized designs are welcome. Please contact our sales for detailed information.

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