• Colored Skinny Glitter Washi Tape
  • Colored Skinny Glitter Washi Tape
  • Colored Skinny Glitter Washi Tape
  • Colored Skinny Glitter Washi Tape

Colored Skinny Glitter Washi Tape

The colored skinny glitter washi tape can embellish and decorate your journal, planner, organizer, and scrapbooking with fashion design and cheap price, wholesaled by Rimemo, a colored skinny glitter washi tape factory from China.


Product Dimensions: 10m x 15mm x 6rolls 

Color: Coloured

Product Weight: 11.9g

Quantity/Carton: 960pcs(160sets)

Carton Measurement: 50x40x21.2cm

Carton Weight: 13.52 kgs

FOB Port: Shanghai, China


-This colored skinny glitter washi tape adopts environmental protection raw materials to create a shiny and beautiful appearance.

-There are various patterns or colors to meet the customers' requirements.

- The colored skinny glitter washi tape is easy to tear, easy to paste, can be used repeatedly, no glue left.

- Transparent film, PVC box, color box and other packaging are available.

- The colored skinny glitter washi tape is perfect for scrapbooking supplies, bullet journals supplies, photo frames and diaries. Colored skinny glitter washi tape decorates your planners, gift wrapping, DIY crafts.


Washi Tapes is one of the most important characters in the tape collection, as well as the Rimemo stationery series. Beautiful patterns and different themes are always attractive to tape lovers. In addition to the usual simple and beautiful patterns such as spots and stripes, we also edited clouds, sea of flowers, grassland, houses, Christmas elements, solid color tapes of various colors, grids and graffiti tapes suitable for decorating notes, and colored tapes suitable for children or adults to enjoy themselves.  All the washi tape designs have condensed the ingenious thoughts of RIMEMO design and development team.

This colored skinny glitter washi tape with a three-dimensional feel. glittering glitter gives the product more visual effect and concave and convex layers. And its high flash characteristics, but also make the decoration bright and dazzling, times add luster. All the materials are environmentally friendly, which passes the EN71 standard. FSC certificated paper are available. 

With 17 years experience in manufacturing paper products, Rimemo has various kinds of advanced equipment to meet production of all the main paper products. For example, our daily output of washi tapes is 500,000 pcs.  

The colored skinny glitter washi tape is made from high quality glitter paper with safe & non-toxic adhesive. So it can be pasted repeatedly and will not leave glue residue & damage the paper. In addition to high quality, it also ensures the beautiful decorative effect of the product. These colored skinny glitter washi tapes are great for framing computer monitors, walls, picture frames, notebooks, phones, books, laptop keyboards, diary, scrap books, wedding invitations, crafts, wrap pens.

Multiple sizes and patterns of colored skinny glitter washi tape are available, customized designs are welcome. Please contact our sales for detailed information.

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