• Stainless Steel Wall Organizer
  • Stainless Steel Wall Organizer

Stainless Steel Wall Organizer

This stainless steel wall organizer is made of stainless steel material with pen holder, cell phone holder, hooks and magnets to save space and organize your kitchen or foyer.

ITEM#: DW425

Product Dimensions: 50x35 cm

Color: Green

Product Weight: 1.46 KG

Quantity/Carton: 4 Pcs

Carton Measurement: 54X24X39 cm

Carton Weight: 10.2  KG

FOB Port: Shanghai, China


- This premium quality stainless steel wall organizer is made of stainless stell material with powder painting.

- With 5 pcs stainless stell magnets, 5 pcs stainless stell hooks, 1 pc stainless stell cell phone holder and pen hoder,  5 pcs stainless steel hook to organize your kitchen or foyer.

- Great for all kind of magnets to hold photo, memo note, shopping list or other non magnetic things. The hooks can hang the key, scissor or other tools.

- With screws for mounting holes to hang board on the wall stably.

-  For kitchen or foyer decoration in your home.

- Packed into a box to keep it safe during transportation.


RIMEMO'S aim of product development is to design, manufacture and export multifunctional memo items for people to cognize the world, interact with each other. The multifunction and high-end features of this stainless steel wall organizer improve the interaction between people and people and the home & kitchen decoration.

RIMEMO always integrate our value into our products: a variety of materials, multifunctional, interactive, cognitive, competitive environmental protective. The variety of materials is our advantage including wood, MDF, tempered glass, cork, paper, iron, plastic, silocon, stainless steel, felt, EVA foam and flat rubber magnet and so on. Multifunctional is the direction of new product development. We apply various materials into one product to create beautiful and practical products. This stainless steel wall organizer is a high-end wall organizer which could not only save your wall space but also improve your home & kitchen decoration.

Other style & sizes of the high-end stainless steel wall organizers are available upon request, please feel free to contact our sales for detailed information.

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