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iPhone Cork Case

Natural and stylish, this iPhone cork case works as a unique classical phone case by its natural material, light weight and durable protection, made by Rimemo, a cork manufacturer based in China.


Package Dimensions: 19x10x1.7 cm 

Product Weight:  kgs

Quantity/Carton:  sets

Carton Measurement: 48x48x11 cm

Carton Weight: 10 kgs

FOB Port: Shanghai, China


- This iPhone case is made of hard and durable cork and has the advantages of being light in weight and sturdy back, preventing scratches, fingerprints, dust and wear.

- The iPhone cork case protects against shocks, falls, drops, bumps and scratches. 

- Precise cuts on iphone's cork case allow easy access to all buttons, ports and cameras.

- The iPhone cork case is perfect fit for your mobile ensures the phone sits securely within it and remains nevertheless fully accessible.


The iPhone cork case is a unique classical phone case which shows antique and natural finish. Cork is a natural material from the skin of an oak tree which is normally cut off every 6 years to ensure the recycling of the skin. Rimemo is located in the middle part of China, just to the north of the longest mountain where plenty of oak trees grow. We started our business 20 years ago with a simple cork coaster and now we have developed over 600 different cork items.

Our designing group takes advantage of the natural feeling of cork, plus fashion designs and practical usage in home and office.

We now have a huge collection of cork items such as cork board, boxes and bags, notebook, glasses holder and phone case, coasters and placemat, tags and ornaments, stickers and tapes, photo holder, desktop, table organizer and home decoration.... which have enjoyed very good selling all over the world.

Any customized designs of cork items are welcome, please feel free to contact our sales.

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