• Round Natural Wood Push Pins
  • Round Natural Wood Push Pins

Round Natural Wood Push Pins

Round natural wooden push pins can be used to pin important papers and messages to cork boards, fabric boards or bulletin boards and also can be applied to mark locations, points of interest, and travel routes on maps and globes.

ITEM#: AM476

Product Dimensions: Dia. 1cm

Color: Natural

Product Weight: 0.29 kgs

Quantity/Carton: 96 sets

Carton Measurement: 37x34x25cm

Carton Weight: 4 kgs

FOB Port: Shanghai, China


- Wood Push Pins are made from high quality natural wood and steel needle tips. It has no odor, has a long life, and is environmentally friendly, so it can be reused

- You can use pushpins for softboards, bulletin boards, America, Europe, or world maps, photos, and calendars. You can also use it for paper, posters, photos, memos.

- Wooden pushpins are placed in a clear plastic case to keep your desktop clean and portable and easy to use

- We offer a 30 days quality guarantee for all our products. If our products don't meet your needs, please return for a full refund or exchange.


-RIMEMO has four groups in our product designing: marketing, designing, drawing and sampling who are full of innate artistic ability, sensitivity to fashion trends and rich experience on product development. RIMEMO always integrates our value into our products: a variety of materials, multifunctional, interactive, cognitive, competitive environmental protection.

-As a professional manufacturer of bulletin board products, RIMEMO designs, produces and sources all kinds of push pins in different materials and different fashion shapes to match our diverse boards. For example, the round natural wooden push pins are made of wood with painting which can be used on any cork board, fabric or foam board to pin messages or on maps and cork globes to show where you've been to, where you want to go and where your favourite places are.

-Other similar designs like globe, cube, cone, drum, hexagon, dodecahedron are also available. Customized designs are also welcome. Please contact our sales to see what we could do to supply your ideal accessories for your bulletin board.

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