• Wooden Yoga Mat Holder
  • Wooden Yoga Mat Holder
  • Wooden Yoga Mat Holder
  • Wooden Yoga Mat Holder
  • Wooden Yoga Mat Holder
  • Wooden Yoga Mat Holder

Wooden Yoga Mat Holder

Functional and stylish, this wooden yoga mat holder creates a ideal place for your yoga mat with simple design and cheap price, made by Rimemo, a yoga mat holder supplier based in China.

ITEM#: DV140 

Product Dimensions: 48x15x3cm  

Product Weight: 1.3 kgs

Quantity/Carton: 4 pcs

Carton Measurement: 59x19x30 cm

Carton Weight:  8.5 kgs

FOB Port: Shanghai, China


- The wooden yoga mat holder made of natural wood with rich brown stain, and it has 2 metal hooks to hold a rolled-up yoga mat.

- Easy installation with 2 keyhole slots on the back of the wooden yoga mat holder.

- Making a designated place for your yoga mat, and helps create a clean and clutter-free yoga space.

- Create the perfect home yoga space with this unique wall mount yoga mat holder! 


Rimemo always integrates our value into our products: a variety of materials, multifunctional, interactive, cognitive, competitive environmental protection. The variety of materials is our advantage, including wood, MDF, tempered glass, cork,paper, iron, plastic, silocon, stainless steel, felt, EVA foam and flat rubber magnet and so on. Multifunctional is the direction of new product development. We apply various materials into one product to create beautiful and practical products.

It is very important to try different materials to find the most competitive way of production. The cheaper cost we could endeavor, the better market our products could achieve.

The main material of this wooden yoga mat holder is antique wood which brings vintage results for wall decoration at home. All our wood materials are under FSC management to protect the forest and environment.

FSC forest management certification is a license to produce or trade paper, wooden, or bamboo products whose raw materials originate from responsible forest management. It confirms that the forest is being managed in a way that preserves biological diversity and benefits the lives of local people and workers, while ensuring it sustains economic viability.

After recognition by FSC, we can prove fulfillment of the stipulations of a globally-recognized standard. At the time of creating interactive products, this undoubtedly will bring a harmonious balance on people's communication with nature.

Other sizes are available and customized designs are welcome. Please contact our sales for details.

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