• Aluminum Frame Cork Board
  • Aluminum Frame Cork Board
  • Aluminum Frame Cork Board
  • Aluminum Frame Cork Board
  • Aluminum Frame Cork Board

Aluminum Frame Cork Board

Ideal for home and office, the aluminum frame cork board is a perfect way to keep track of notes, reminders and small desk accessories to stay everything organized by enclosed pushpins, manufactured by Rimemo, a cork board bulk based in China.


Product Dimensions: 60x40 cm

Color: Natural

Product Weight: 0.65 kgs

Quantity/Carton: 10 pcs

Carton Measurement: 62x22x42 cm

Carton Weight: 7.5 kgs

FOB Port: Shanghai, China


- The sliver aluminum frame cork board is designed with natural cork, aluminum frame, and backplane.

- The aluminum frame cork board is perfect to help you pin the photos, notes, memos, reminders etc. by using pushpins without any damage to the cork.

- Six pieces of pushpins are included.

- Two mounted hang holes at the top are easy to hang onto your wall for decoration.

- The aluminum frame cork board is traditional, perfect for home, office, classroom decoration to pin your photos or notes.

- Different sizes of the cork notice board are available upon request, such as 30x40cm, 40x60cm, 60x90cm, 90x120cm.


Cork has the advantage of leaving no traces after the pushpins pull put from it, which is suitable to be used for bulletin board. The raw material is from the skin of an oak tree which normally cuts off every 6 years to ensure the recycling of the skin. Rimemo is located in the middle part of China, just to the north of the longest mountain where plenty of oak trees grow.  We started our business 20 years ago from producing a simple cork coaster to now including over 600 different cork items. 

Our BSCI audited factory is one of the leading cork board bulk manufacturers with aluminum, wooden or MDF frames. With durable panel and frame, standard quality and cheap price, many key accounts from Europe and the U.S. keep buying from us, such as Naga, Rewe, Thomas Philipps, Hobby Lobby, Kohl's.

The sizes of our aluminum frame cork board vary from 20x30cm to 120x240cm according to different clients' requirements. Please contact our sales to check the most suitable sizes for your market.

Rimemo has a huge collection of pushpins which include many suitable ones that could be used for cork boards. Please visit our collection MAGNETS & ACCESSORIES to find more information. 

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