• Chalkboard Pin Board Combo
  • Chalkboard Pin Board Combo
  • Chalkboard Pin Board Combo
  • Chalkboard Pin Board Combo
  • Chalkboard Pin Board Combo

Chalkboard Pin Board Combo

Versatile and stylish, the chalkboard pin board combo creates a decorative system to write reminders and tack notes on magnetic chalkboard or textile bulletin board, made by Rimemo, a combo board supplier from China.

ITEM#: DZ135

Product Dimensions: 60x40x1.5 cm

Color: Black

Product Weight: 0.72 kgs

Quantity/Carton: 10 pcs

Carton Measurement: 63x23x43 cm

Carton Weight: 8 kgs

FOB Port: Ningbo, China


- The chalkboard pin board combo is a new item developed in 2020, designed with textile board and chalkboard.

-  The material of combination board is cotton cloth, painted iron sheet, MDF frame and cardboard.

- The textile board is great to pin and remove the messages, pictures or memos by using the pushpins without any damage to the surface.

- The surface of chalkboard is easy for writing, drawing by normal chalks or liquid chalks and and erasing by damp cloth.

- Use the magnets to post the pictures, memos and notes onto the chalkboard.

- Mounting hardwares with screws, 2 round magnets, 4 pushpins and 4 chalks in white box are provided.

- 4 paper corners could be available for the packing.

- The combination board with magnetic chalkboard & textile board is multi-functional and perfect for home, office, kitchen or anywhere decoration. 

- The color of textile can be customized, especially the black color, grey color and off-white color are more popular in the market.


RIMEMO's aim of product development is to design, manufacture and export multifunctional memo items for people to improve visual communications and interact with each other. The multifunction and interactive features of this combination board with this chalkboard pin board combo come from its multiple materials:

- Materials: Metal sheet black matt finishes with partition lines printed

                    Fabric linen surface 

                    MDF frame with paper wrapped

                    Cardboard or fiberboard backing

- Functions: Write on & wipe off with chalks or chalk markers

                    Magnetic surface to use magnets

                    Pin pictures or notes with pushpins

Different sizes of the board, different kinds of fabric and various designs of printing are available upon request. With four groups in our product designing: marketing, designing, drawing and sampling who are full of innate artistic ability, sensitivity to fashion trends and rich experience in product development, RIMEMO updates our designs and develops new products twice a year. This fabric and chalk combo board is a 2020 newly designed item and has been sold in Germany and the US market. RIMEMO always keeps our product creative and fun to enable brilliant communication between people and people.

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