• Magnetic Family Planner Chalkboard
  • Magnetic Family Planner Chalkboard
  • Magnetic Family Planner Chalkboard
  • Magnetic Family Planner Chalkboard
  • Magnetic Family Planner Chalkboard
  • Magnetic Family Planner Chalkboard

Magnetic Family Planner Chalkboard

Ideal for wall mounting in the kitchen or dinning room, this oversized magnetic family planner chalkboard well organizes your household's schedule and holds photos or bills by magnets, made by Rimemo, a chalkboard manufacturer based in China.

ITEM#: DC085

Product Dimensions: 90x60x1.5 cm

Color: Black

Product Weight: 1.1 kgs

Quantity/Carton: 6 pcs

Carton Measurement: 92x15x62 cm

Carton Weight: 9 kgs

FOB Port: Shanghai, China


- This is a new item which has been developed in 2020.

- The magnetic family planner chalkboard is designed with white printing painted iron sheet, MDF frame, and cardboard.

- With the big size, it is separated into different section clearly: "Weekly planner", "Things to do"," Notes", "Shopping" and "Memo". 

- The surface of magnetic chalkboard weekly planner is easy for writing, drawing and erasing by normal chalks or liquid chalks.

- The material of iron sheet is suitable to post photos, notes with magnets.

- Use the magnets to post your notes, messages, pitutures and so on.

- Mounting hardwares for hanging, 2 round magnets and 4 chalks in a white box are included.

- The sawtooth brackets could be installed at the back, and 2 EVA stickers out of the shrink wrapping will be pasted to ensure the packing safety. It will be easy for you to hang onto your wall for decoration.

- The grey natural wood color MDF is fit for home & kitchen wall decoration.

- The newly design bring you the wonderful experience.


Weekly & Monthly Planner is the most successful collection which has enjoyed good selling during the past 12 years to countries all over the world. 

MIMEMO's aim of product development is to design, manufacture and export multifunctional memo items for people to improve visual communications and interact with each other. The multifunction and interactive features of this magnetic family planner chalkboard come from its multiple materials:

- Materials: Metal sheet black matt finish with family planner printed

                   MDF frame with paper wrapped

                   Cardboard or fiberboard backing

- Functions: Write on & wipe off with chalk or chalk marker

                    Family name, Weekly planner, Things to do, Note, Shopping and Menu planner

                    Magnetic surface to use magnets

Different sizes of the board, various designs of planner and diverse languages of printing are available upon request. With four groups in our product designing: marketing, designing, drawing and sampling who are full of innate artistic ability, sensitivity to fashion trends and rich experience in product development, RIMEMO updates our designs and develop new products twice a year. RIMEMO always keeps our product creative and fun to enable brilliant communication between people and people.

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