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How did China become the largest exporter of wood products?

Time: 2022-08-17  Source:   Author: Thomas Y

That's the reason!

All kinds of raw wood products have always been welcomed by foreigners. The products they require are not only pure natural, but also high quality and low price. In order to meet customers' all-round requirements for price, design, quality, and function, we have really racked our brains, over the years to find cheap materials without affecting the use of functions, but also with a sense of design.
Due to the large size of these three models, in order to save costs, pine + multi-layer board + melamine board is used. The surface can be treated with different antique colors. It has become a hot-selling item on Amazon. Links are attached to learn more.
The key storage box is made of paulownia wood material, with a touch of antique treatment on the surface, plus bronze hooks, nostalgic color, memory of time. Links are attached to learn more.
Beech wood alarm clock, silent movement, Nordic style, made of beech material, exquisite texture and simple design. Very popular with Europeans. Links are attached to learn more.
According to the survey, China has become the world's largest exporter of wood products. The Chinese people use their own wisdom to make various grades of wood also suitable, and they have contributed their own strength to the export volume.
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