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Talking about home decoration products

Time: 2022-09-20  Source:   Author: Thomas Y

What are the basic requirements for the company to develop new suppliers? what is the reason?

Basic Requirements:
A. The factory must have a certain scale, and most of its products are used for export.
B. The factory has a mature management mechanism and stable and reliable operation specifications.
C. The factory has passed the BSCI factory inspection or other equivalent factory inspection qualifications that meet European standards. There are FSC, ISO quality management system.

A. If the factory is large in scale or has experience in producing export products, the technical strength will be higher to a certain extent. When encountering temporary technical problems, there will be technical capabilities to solve the problem; in addition, the product requirements we put forward also can be satisfied.
B. Factories with relatively perfect management mechanism and standard operation can strictly control the production process, which means higher yield and lower possibility of reprocessing.
C. For us, a factory that has passed the factory inspection means that the product has passed the human rights guarantee and quality assurance, and we can safely sell the product to other countries. In addition, for customers, it also increases the confidence in us.
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