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Map that Can be Scraped Out

Time: 2022-10-09  Source:   Author: Thomas Y

Each Scratch poster is through a variety of complex processes to meet each guest.

Scratch posters mostly use coated paper in actual printing, because the characteristics of coated paper are that the paper surface is very smooth and smooth, with high smoothness and good gloss. We will print in color on coated paper to distinguish the layouts of different countries by color. On top of the color printing, we cover the film to protect the color printing part under the film from being scratched when the upper coating is scratched off. At this time, the whole product is what we can see after we buy it and paint it home. Similar to the picture below.

It's not over, there will be a layer after the film is covered. This is the golden part that can be hung with coins when I was a child. Finally, the text is printed on the coating, like our map products, in addition to the country name, the national border is also printed.
This is the time to look at the craftsmanship: one of the key points in the production of scratch-off maps is to try to ensure that the borders of the top and bottom layers overlap as much as possible. If the deviation is too large, either the country's national borders are pointing to other people's homes; or it may be that the front line is Polished, and the rear line is Germany's!
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