• A5 Spiral Ruled Notebook Planner
  • A5 Spiral Ruled Notebook Planner
  • A5 Spiral Ruled Notebook Planner
  • A5 Spiral Ruled Notebook Planner
  • A5 Spiral Ruled Notebook Planner

A5 Spiral Ruled Notebook Planner

With map design cover, this A5 spiral ruled notebook planner is perfect to record your journey and interesting memories with fashion design and cheap price, manufactured by Rimemo, a spiral ruled notebook planner wholesaler based in China.

ITEM#: AAAF153  

Product Dimensions: 14.5x21   cm 

Color: Blue 

Product Weight: 0.28  kgs

Quantity/Carton: 48 pcs

Carton Measurement: 33x23x31 cm

Carton Weight: 14.5 kgs

FOB Port: Shanghai, China


- Each A5 spiral ruled notebook planner has 80 sheets (160 pages) with recycled paper, hard cover, case bound and elastic band support.

- The portable size A5 145x210mm is more popular.

- The inner pages with 80gsm thick paper will bring you smooth writing and drawing experience, and prevent ink seepage and scratch.

- The hard cover and elastic band will make your notebook durable and never bent.

- Welcome to customized design of cover and inner pages. 

- The inner pages could be colored printing, and FSC certified paper is availble upon request.

- Our A5 spiral ruled notebook planner is suitable for all kinds of people, such as students, children and teachers. It can be used as a diary, work and travel planner, or as a schedule for daily work or study. 


Notebooks are the most extensive product in the stationery series and an indispensable part of work, life and study. As a company with many years of experiences in developing and manufacturing paper products, Rimemo always supplies our clients high quality products with the most competetive prices including notebook, planner, sticky notes, washi tapes, posters and world maps to enhance people to people communications & intrigue people and nature interactions.

For this A5 spiral ruled notebook planner, there are three printing options: monthly planner, weekly planner and daily to do list. We can print any one of these designs individually,  or mix and print all three into a notebook planner, even a notebook planner with different designs on every single page. Our clients often customize the inner page design according to their market requirements. Our experienced designers will fully support to complete the designs according to the clients' demand. And these kinds of customized notebooks always achieve very good sales in the final consumer market. 

The spiral ruled notebook planner is one of the main collection of our notebook series. Rimemo can offer you many choices in paper, suitable sheets, cover material, cover printing method, way of binding, and size of notebook as below listed options:

- Paper Features: 70g/m², 80g/m²  or 100g/m². 

- Suitable Sheets: 24, 32, 40, 48, 56, 60, 64, 80, 96, 100, 140, 160 sheets and more are all available.

- Durable & Classic Cover: Soft PU, Durable PP, Protective cork, Paper, Fabric or Combination cover also available.    

- Cover Printing Methods: Flocking, Sequins, Bronzing, Hot stamping, Screen printing

- Bindings: Wire binding, Thread stitching, Glue binding 

- Size: 1. Normal Size: A4 210x297mm, A5 140x210mm, A6 105x145mm.                 

           2. Special Size: B5 170x240mm, B5 160x197mm, B5150x180mm, B6 125x180mm, B6 slim 110x176mm.

           3. Slim Size: 110x210mm.                  

           4. Mini Size: 125x125mm, 90x140mm, 90x125mm, 74x105mm, 55x9 mm.

Rimemo has a variety of notebooks, over 600 different designs including spiral notebook, journal, planner, sketchbook and painting book. Any customized notebooks are welcome according to details of above mentioned options, please feel free to contact our sales for prices or any information concerned. 

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