• Celestial Star Cork Globe
  • Celestial Star Cork Globe
  • Celestial Star Cork Globe
  • Celestial Star Cork Globe
  • Celestial Star Cork Globe
  • Celestial Star Cork Globe

Celestial Star Cork Globe

Newly designed by Rimemo, the celestial star cork globe supplies a creative gift for you to recognize all the 88 constellations with enclosed pushpins, made and wholesale by a cork globe manufacturer based in China.

ITEM#: CG055

Size :Dia 20 cm 

Color: Black / Brown 

Product Weight: 0.6 kgs

Quantity/Carton: 4 pcs

Carton Measurement: 43x28x44 cm

Carton Weight: 3 kgs

FOB Port: Shanghai, China


- This premium quality celestial star cork globe has a unique design, and it is made of natural cork, printed with star maps of all 88 constellations.

- With the color crayons attached in the package, you could mark the beautiful stars you've learned about, the constellations that appear in the sky.

- From the designs of the constellations on the star globe, people or kids could learn which constellations appear in each hemisphere, and more about astronomy and Earth’s geography.

- The celestial star cork globe is also a great product for holding notes, messages, family photos......

- This celestial star cork globe is ideal for those astronomy lovers. Perfect as a graduation, birthday, anniversary or wedding gift.


Staring at stars never goes out of style. The traditional globe always stands on the table for people to read. Rimemo has been trying to create interactive products to bring a harmonious balance on people's communication with nature. Thus the interactive celestial star cork globe was designed for people to discover the celestial globe by cognizing the constellations, which stimulate people's thirst for knowing the overhead star shining sky.

Different from the traditional celestial globe, our cork globe is a standard one which is designed together with a planetarium. All the 88 stars and their boundaries have been corrected and printed. And people could find spring equinox in Pisces, summer solstice in Gemini, Autumn equinox in Virgo and winter solstice in Sagittarius from the intersection of the Equator, the Ecliptic and the Galactic Equator.

Cork is a natural material from the skin of an oak tree which is normally cut off every 6 years to ensure the recycling of the skin. Rimemo is located in the middle part of China, just to the north of the longest mountain where plenty of oak trees grow. We started our business 20 years ago with a simple cork coaster and now we have developed over 600 different cork items. The celestial star cork globe is an interactive & cognitive product as a gift, giveaways and decoration item for many fields like home & office, education and constellation research.

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