• Chalkboard Coloring Globe
  • Chalkboard Coloring Globe
  • Chalkboard Coloring Globe
  • Chalkboard Coloring Globe
  • Chalkboard Coloring Globe
  • Chalkboard Coloring Globe

Chalkboard Coloring Globe

Interactive and cognitive, this chalkboard coloring globe is made of environmental friendly vinyl with world map printed to color your travel destinations by crayons and wipe off by a damp cloth, made by Rimemo, a globe manufacturer from China.

ITEM#: CG004

Product Dimensions :Dia 20 cm 

Color: Black / White

Product Weight: 0.6 kgs

Quantity/Carton: 4 pcs

Carton Measurement: 43x28x44 cm

Carton Weight: 3 kgs

FOB Port: Shanghai, China


- This premium quality chalkboard coloring globe has a unique design, and it is made of environmentally friendly PVC, print a blank map of the world. 

- This chalkboard coloring globe is packed in a colored window box with color crayons included.

- With the color crayons attached in the package you could mark the beautiful places you have traveled to. Make a colorful world of your own.

- To the black part of the map, can also be used to leave a message or note. It can be easily wipe it off with a damp cloth. 

- This interactive chalkboard coloring globe is ideal for those who love adventure. Perfect as a graduation, birthday, anniversary or wedding gift.

- Make a perfect product for home or office decoration!


The traditional globe always stands on the table for people to read. Rimemo has been trying to create interactive products to bring a harmonious balance on people's communication with nature. Thus the chalkboard coloring globe was designed for people to color or paint the globe with enclosed chalks to create your personalized globe, such as marking your traveled places, next stops or your favorite countries. Rimemo believes that this coloring chalk globe will awake people's desire to discover the planet earth.

The biggest advantage of this chalkboard coloring globe is the black vinyl used on the surface which is made of environmental friend Vinyl and could be written on and wiped off repeatedly:

- The chalkboard PVC material complies to PAHS and Phthalates Content :DBP + BBP + DEHP+DIBP+DNOP + DINP + DIDP

- The chalkboard globe could be written by any chalks and wiped off with a damp cloth without leaving any residue.


All the globes are guaranteed to be correct under the projection which has been audited by authorities. Therefore, it would be safe and correct to buy globes from Rimemo.

Different colors of printing and different sizes are available upon request. Please contact our sales for detailed information.

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