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Black Cork Globe

Interactive and cognitive, this black cork globe in large, medium and small size is made of natural cork lamination for wooden push pins to hold travelling photos, hot selling and made by Rimemo, a globe manufacturer from China.

ITEM#: CG015A / CG020A /CG025A

Size: Dia 15 cm / 20 cm /25 cm

Color: Black  

Product Weight: 0.75 kgs

Quantity/Carton: 4 pcs

Carton Measurement: 53x33x29 cm

Carton Weight: 2.2 kgs

FOB Port: Shanghai, China


- This black cork globe is made of natural and environmentally friendly cork and contains a metal stand, with a map of the world printing.

- The black cork globe is packed in a color window box with landmark shaped push pins.

- With the pins attached in the package, you could keep track of where you've been, where you want to travel.

- The interactive cork globe is a great product for holding notes, messages, photos......

- This cork globe is ideal for those who love adventure. Perfect as a graduation, birthday, anniversary or wedding gift.

- Makes a perfect product for home or office decoration!


This cork globe is a patent item of Rimemo which owns an EU Patent. It has been enjoying very good selling since we developed 3 years ago. The total sales of last year were over 100,000 pcs.

This black cork globe won silver award in the 2020 Canton Fair Export Commodities Design Awards (CF Awards).

The Canton Fair is held in Guangzhou in spring and autumn every year, which is the highest level, the largest scale and is known as "China's First Exhibition". Up to 25,642 leading enterprises participated in the 126th Canton Fair.


Rimemo has been trying to create products to bring a harmonious balance on people's communication with nature.

The travel pin globe is a cognitive and interactive item for people to discover and understand more about our beautiful world.

We always think when we can go through every inch of land on this planet earth. Now we understand that the world is too big. We are very happy when we arrive at a new place. In the travel moments on the cork globe, which will bring back people's memories

About the places they've been to and awake people's desire to adventure places they want to go to, by using the enclosed pins to

mark or attach pictures.

All the globes are guaranteed to be correct under the projection which has been audited by authorities. Therefore, it would be safe and correct to buy globes from Rimemo.

Different colors of printing and different sizes are available upon request. Please contact our sales for detailed information.

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