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Velvet Can Actually Do This!

Time: 2022-07-12  Source:   Author: Thomas Y

In 2019, by chance, we got to know a company with a very sense of design through the introduction of the exhibition guests. This has also opened up several years of cooperation. Customers' designs and materials, including packaging, are very distinctive. Thanks to our long-term cooperation, we have also jointly developed many products. Most of the products are also suitable for the aesthetics of domestic consumers. In view of this situation, we have also introduced the best products into our country. Who makes each one a boutique and full of strong European style and petty bourgeoisie taste!

The most popular recently is the pink velvet board, like a little girl of seventeen or eighteen. At first glance, I really don't know what it is for, but after a closer look, I find that this is a message board or a PIN BOARD, which is used to leave a message. The pink board and the fluffy touch are simply not too wonderful~

You can keep the beautiful photos against a pink background, or you can use them as a message for your family. Fashionable and beautiful, you can also leave a message. We often feel that we rarely meet or talk to our mother and mother under the same roof. At this time, if there is such a message board under the background wall next to the dining table at home, it is marked with mother's daily nagging...
We've also thoughtful about placement – it can be hung on any wall, or leaned against a tabletop. For example, it is specially equipped with sawtooth hanging pieces and screws to solve the problem of hanging for you. There are also some careful accessories that can be purchased, such as needle clips, needles of various colors, and the following color matching and golden elastic band, you can It's a lot of fun to play with clipping photos at will.
The most important thing is that this product is exported to Europe. That's right, it's the Europe you remember. The Europe that has high standards for the materials of its products; the Europe that seeks romantic attention. All materials of this product are tested to ensure that the materials are environmentally friendly before they can be delivered to everyone~
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