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Is silicone plastic? After reading the article, you will understand!

Time: 2022-07-26  Source:   Author: Thomas Y

In response to the European plastic ban, many of our plastic products have been replaced with silicone materials. Customers often ask us, is silicone plastic? After years of dealing with silicone raw materials and years of cooperation with testing companies, today we have made a summary to understand the difference between the two from the various performance comparisons in the list.

Silicone products can be divided into four categories according to different molding processes: molded silicone products, extruded silicone products, liquid silicone products, special silicone products

The most widely used in daily life is the molded silicone products, usually through the high temperature mold, after putting the solid silicone raw material with vulcanizing agent into the vulcanizing machine, applying pressure through the vulcanizing machine, and the high temperature sulfur is solidified. The hardness of the molded silicone is usually 30°C-70°C. The raw material and the color paste are used to adjust the color according to the Pantone color card number, and the shape of the mold determines the shape of the molded silicone product.

Silicone clips are based on this process. Various colors can be adjusted according to the Pantone color number required by customers, and several colors can be mixed and pressed to make camouflage photo clips. Foreign trade products won the silver award at the 2021 China Gold Swearing Commodities Fair (Canton Fair). Attached are some pictures for your better understanding.

♦ Macaron color, decorate your home, warm and romantic.

♦ Decorate your office, conference room, fix the note on the writing board, and the appearance is super high.
♦ The photos are placed on the countertop bookshelf, which is light and flexible.
There are also the most popular silicone placemats with more than a dozen designs, with four water-based color pens, so babies can enjoy graffiti while eating. Wet towels, erasers, and water washes can all be cleaned and reused infinitely.
With such superior performance, how can plastics be the same? In addition, silica gel is a non-petroleum product and does not depend on the increasingly scarce petroleum resources, making silica gel products a substitute for similar plastic products. . All silicone products can pass the US FDA certification, SGS certification and European LFGB certification to achieve barrier-free market entry. The foreign trade is exported to the United States, Britain, Germany, Spain, Australia, Denmark, Italy, Brazil, Chile and other countries, and has been widely recognized and praised by consumers. Silicone daily necessities have become a beautiful landscape of people's fashionable life.
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